Thursday, May 30 2024
The Bar at Silver Stamp

Want to step back in time? Come to the Silver Stamp Beer bar located at the Arts District of Las Vegas. As soon you come into this place, it made me feel as if I was transported to the 70’s/60’s. With it’s vintage beer memorabilia, wood lined walls, beer can walls, this place definitely takes you back.

This not the only reason to come visit this bar. It’s the beer menu! They have 20 beers on tap and 50 other in bottle or can. They also have some canned cocktails which we tried and they were great!

Now here is something fun we found out while at the bar. They sell pickled eggs. I’ve never tried a pickled egg before, but for some reason the atmosphere of the bar called for me trying one. What I mean is… being there made me adventurous, if you call the being adventurous. So my girlfriend I and tried an egg. She was super hesitant at first, but after her first bite, she was all in. We both loved them. If, I had to describe the taste… it’s hard boil eggs with vinegar. It’s not off putting at all. Though the color of the eggs were unusual. Bright yellow! We both loved the presentation of the eggs. They were served in a glass chicken, served with chips and a mini tabasco bottle! You should try them when you are here. They also sell pickle chips and hot dogs.

As mentioned before this place is located in the Arts District. It’s a bit hard to find, since it’s not on the main street. The address to The Silver Stamp is 222 E. Imperial Ave. It is in a very unassuming place. No signs. Just and address on the building. See photos below. I’m telling you.. if you like to try something different and you love beer, come here!


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